Microcomputer Systems, Inc.

PC/104, PC/104+, SBC, Panel PC's, IBM PC, I/O & Wireless Boards
Hardware Design & Manufacture

PC/104 & PC/104+ Vortex86 Processor Boards (ICOP)
PC/104 Add-On I/O Boards
Tiny SBC Vortex86SX/DX Modules (ICOP)
Half-Size SBC Vortex86 Boards (ICOP)
3.5" Embedded SBC Vortex86 Processor Boards (ICOP)
System On Module (SOM) Boards
Panel PC (TFT LCD with Resistive Touchscreen )
LCD Panels (Open Frame PC with optional Touchscreen)
eBox - Embedded PC Series
USB to Analog & Isolated Digital I/O Boards
IBM PC Analog I/O Boards
STD BUS Processor & I/O Boards
Custom Embedded Microcontroller Design & Manufacturing
Products for Embedded Applications
Industrial Monitoring & Control Systems
MakeTracks® Manufacturing Inventory Control System
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