Industrial Monitoring & Control Systems

Custom systems used in embedded monitoring and control, special function and interfacing applications in the automotive, aviation, petrochemical and utility industries. Equipment used consists of cards of our own design such as PC/104, IBM/PC, STD BUS cards and custom designed cards for the particular application. Recent developments include a replacement for the Foxboro Spec 200 Compact Control Station presently used by Exxon/Esso in their refining process worldwide, PC/104 cards for robots developed by JPL, and special STD BUS modem and tone decoder cards produced for the FAA Instrument Landing System (ILS) in commercial aviation.

We specialize in custom board design for your specific application to minimize your product cost and to maximize your product reliability by eliminating unused hardware of general purpose cards. Our equipment for automated embedded design include emulators for Intel type processors (8051, 8088, etc.) and Microchip PIC devices. Our custom designs for clients range from multi-processor cards (e.g., nine MC68HC811E microcontrollers on an inter-module bus) to special I/O cards, both digital and analog. Analog designs include total electrical isolation for harsh industrial environments.

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