Custom Computer Design & Manufacturing

We perform the engineering design for products of others who have no engineering staff or choose not to do their design in-house. Our equipment for automating design of hardware, and firmware and software include emulators and compilers for Intel family processors (8051, 80x86, etc.) and Microchip PIC devices. We also manufacture the products for these clients in many instances. 

When and why should someone select a custom design? Visit an informative guideline for board level design and fabrication considerations. 

Some of our developments include renovation of the scoreboard and pylon system in the world's largest indoor facility, the New Orleans Superdome, the BAT (a chord keyboard) for Infogrip, Inc., vocal signage for the blind for Talking Signs, Inc. , Lock and Dam instrumentation for navigation control on the Red River in Louisiana and specialized avionics products for commercial aviation.

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